Introducing our unique case for Raspberry Pi 2B/3B (and B+)

Designed and made in Canada from high quality UL listed ABS material. Tall enough to host a wide range of add-on board and slim enough to look cool. Just a fraction of an inch taller than most of the “standard” cases and still a perfect fit for boards like HiFiBerry DAC+ (see specs below).

The HighPi case sets a new standard for ease of use and versatility. Installing or removing the Raspberry Pi board is astonishingly quick, simple, and secure; all without tools or assembly. One snap action locks the Pi board into the case; the second secures the lid, rattle free. Remove the Pi board and the lid with one-finger-releases for each. Genius!

Whether you’re running a plain Pi3B board or modding it to the max, the HighPi case has your Pi covered. Generous internal room allows HATs, break-out boards or heat sinks. Vents on three sides double as fly-through cable ports for the GPIO and whatever else you need to connect to. A two-section break-out allows you to choose how much of the A/V side of the case to open up for connectors on attached boards.

This case is one of the first to perfectly accommodate the full line of HiFiBerry audio boards. Use one break-out section for DAC+ and Digi+, and both for the Amp+. There is generous clearance around the RCA connectors for bulky, high-end cables. Achieve the sound you want in a clean case design that fits right, right away.

The HighPi case can be wall mounted horizontally with two screws for easy removal, or mounted in any orientation including upside-down with four screws from inside the case. When wall mounted horizontally, the A/V and audio cables hang downward from the Pi, improving visual tidiness and reducing the need for support of heavy cables.

Feature List:

  • Durable two part ABS plastic case
  • Industry-leading ease of use, easy and tool free
  • Large internal volume for HATs, break-out boards, or heat sinks
  • Vents on three sides double as fly-through cable ports
  • Two-section breakout on A/V side for break-out board I/O
  • Micro SD card access port
  • Mounting option 1: two M3.5/M3/#6 screws slide into wall mounts
    for easy removal, horizontal orientation with A/V side down, 40mm spacing
  • Mounting option 2: four M3.5/M3/#6 screws through feet from inside for
    secure mounting in any orientation, 68.3 x 38.8mm spacing
  • Self-adhesive feet included, quantity 4
  • Matte finish hides fingerprints
  • Available in black or red. Order two and mix lids!
  • External dimensions: 96 x 66 x 41mm
  • Internal volume for breakout boards:
    • Length – 90.0mm
    • Width – 60.0mm
    • Height – 28.8mm (from top of PI2B PCB to underside of lid)
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